• PSEL (2015) Reflection – Mission, Vision, and Core Values

    Mission, Vision, and Core Values tend to serve as the foundation of most educational institutions. Much of what is done in schools tends to be focused on the mission, vision, and core values of the district. As a new employee to the district, I am able to gain much information from the mission, vision, and […]

  • PSEL (2015) Reflection – Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    As an Instructional Technology Specialist, or coach, I have gathered a significant amount of hours in the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment category. Throughout the course of this semester, I have been involved in many curriculum, instruction, and assessment activities, from days at conferences, informal observations of teachers, to PLC meetings, to individual one-on-ones with teachers. […]

  • PSEL (2015) Reflection – Equity and Culturally Responsiveness

    I want to start this post by fully recognizing my privilege. As a straight, white male in American society, I have a different experience than many of my students. In my schooling, I had little difficulty learning anything new presented to me. In all actuality, for the majority of my K-12 experience and even some […]

  • Upcoming Series of Posts – Reflections on the Professional Standards of Educational Leaders (2015)

    Throughout the course of the last two years, I have been slowly but surely working towards a masters in Educational Leadership at Michigan State University. This school year, I have been working a new job while simultaneously working on my educational administration internship. While the experience has been difficult at times, it has been very […]

  • My Tips for Technology Integration – Leave the Giant Steps to the Astronauts

    Technology integration can be frustrating. It is difficult to change the way that people have done things for years. The introduction of a shiny device will not bring everyone onboard with your vision as an Edtech Coach. Besides focusing on basics like relationship and time, it is essential that you also keep these three things […]

  • Reflection on Professional Learning – Design in Five Workshop

    Two days last week, I had the opportunity to go to the county regional education service agency to partake in some professional development based on assessment. My role was to seek ways to bring this back to our staff, most likely in a summer institute. The two days were riveting, as the ideas around assessment […]

  • My First, Humble Attempt at a Hyperdoc

    Hyperdocs are gaining some popularity in education circles. It is my understanding that a group of teachers in California popularized the Hyperdoc in their classrooms and through the use of social media, it has spread. I have looked at many examples, but never seen one in practice in a K-12 room. When a teacher approached […]

  • A Google Slides Project with Sample Slides

    Recently, I was asked to come in and work with a teacher going over Google Slides techniques with the students. Her goal was for the students to start building something that they will be able to edit and add to as they move through her class, working in a digital portfolio sort of way, but […]

  • #ETCoaches Blog Challenge #5 – More Often but Relaxing

    First, I truly enjoyed the thought provoking Ed Tech Coaches Blog Challenge. Not only did it require me to look within and think about the purpose of the blog that was struggling to stay relevant and on topic, it also helped build my PLN and create a reading list for me. I truly appreciated the […]

  • Technology Integration Conversations and Colonial Newspapers

    I had one of my teachers approach me this past week and describe a project that he has always loved to use in his classroom. He has had the students hand draw a newspaper with pictures and news stories leading up to the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. He wanted to find a […]