Upcoming Series of Posts – Reflections on the Professional Standards of Educational Leaders (2015)

Throughout the course of the last two years, I have been slowly but surely working towards a masters in Educational Leadership at Michigan State University. This school year, I have been working a new job while simultaneously working on my educational administration internship. While the experience has been difficult at times, it has been very rewarding thus far.

Reflection of Sky and Hills on Still WaterPart of the internship program is reflecting upon our personal growth as educational leaders. I am of the opinion that reflection is crucial to learning, so naturally I was excited to begin the process and start writing my reflections on my learning. Sitting down to write the formal reflections, I thought it would great of me to start to reflect and share my reflections not only with my instructor, but also my peers and colleagues around the world.

Through my program, we are focusing on the Professional Standards for Educational Leadership were developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers and approved by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration. According to EdWeek, the “standards describe what effective school leaders should be able to know and do to lead high-achieving staff, schools, and students in the 21st century” (Superville, 2015). Needless to say, I was excited to dive into the standards.

I will be covering each standard in a blog post and will be tagging it with “PSEL Reflection.” I will also be creating a tag on my site that will allow you to easily find and read the posts as I go.


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