A Google Slides Project with Sample Slides

Recently, I was asked to come in and work with a teacher going over Google Slides techniques with the students. Her goal was for the students to start building something that they will be able to edit and add to as they move through her class, working in a digital portfolio sort of way, but using Google Slides as the avenue. While this is not your traditional portfolio, I was really appreciative at the attempt. In my new position, it is nice to see teachers that are willing to try stuff.

As we work to dip our tools in the technology water, I think it is very important that I start to celebrate and appreciate the baby steps that we are taking together. I think that as someone that is new to the district, it is important that I start to build the relationships and work with the staff on the topics that they want to, and begin to challenge thinking and being an agent of change as our relationships grow.

Below, you can check out the slide deck I prepare with good examples and bad examples, as well as a short Czech for Understanding. I have also included the Czech for Understanding slides as well. Enjoy!

In Class Presentation

Example Slides

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