#ETCoaches Blog Challenge #5 – More Often but Relaxing

#ETCoaches Blog Challenge #5First, I truly enjoyed the thought provoking Ed Tech Coaches Blog Challenge. Not only did it require me to look within and think about the purpose of the blog that was struggling to stay relevant and on topic, it also helped build my PLN and create a reading list for me. I truly appreciated the challenge and what it did.

Moving forward, the fifth and final post of the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge is to discuss how we will continue our blogs. This is vital for me. I want to blog more because it provides me with a way to be reflective and open in what I am doing, but it also helps to solicit ideas from others. On the flip side, reading others also help to cement new ideas and new thoughts.

As I continue my blog, I hope to write once a week but found myself to have sporadic bursts of writing, where I write a lot frequently and then do not write again for a while. Using a WordPress blog, I have the option to delay publishing the blog and will work on doing that. I hope to release a “new blog” once a week. I want to share some of the stuff that I have been working on and some of the stuff that I have done. In a way, I hope that my blog serves as a portfolio of things that I have done. I also want to incorporate sharing of articles and books that I am reading, as there is some value to sharing and collaborating on books, articles, and other ideas.

The most difficult thing is running both a work and a personal blog. My work blog, for my colleagues and the weekly newsletter that I send, both take much of my time. Plus, I am working on my Masters. With all of this, I found that using Trello as a publishing calendar can help me master what and when I am writing new content. Writing as much as I do helps me to solidify some of my thoughts and even allows some of the content to transfer over. Using Asana for my task management (projects, deadlines, etc.) helped me become more organized and more effective.
As I continue to grow, learn, and assist others on their journeys, I hope to continue to share my experiences as time goes by. I find that practice of blogging relaxing and hope to continue for some time.

I do not know of other challenges but would hope that we could reset the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge moving forward with some new topics.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got it all mapped out. I agree, that the challenge has been a good way to connect with others and inspire my writing. I’m behind on reading other’s blogs, but it is good to have a centralized place to look for others who are in our field. Good luck with the Masters program!

    • Thanks. I want to write more but lose the focus when working on other items. But stay tuned, I have the goal of writing two more posts tonight!

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