Category: Leadership

  • The Little Things

    Relationships and the little things matter. As I continue to grow as a leader, I have the opportunity to connect with many people in many different places. As I have these interactions, it reminds me of how important relationships and the little things truly are. Even the things that we may not recognize as a […]

  • Change – Do Something Great

    It’s been a little while since my last post. I have been extremely busy. Between ISTE and hosting the Lake Michigan Tech Conference, much has been happening. Much has been happening in my local district as well. Change is an inevitable part of the educational process, in fact, we hope for change from day one […]

  • When a Grade is more than Academics

                    At the 2018 MACUL Conference, I joined a conversation around the topic of grading in the classroom, and one thing that popped up in the conversation was the idea of compliance-based grading. This was a topic that I have heard and dealt with before, but this renewed […]

  • Goal for 2018 – Don’t Be the Sea, Change

    While I am not one to set resolutions that the start of the year, I was able to travel to Eleuthera in the Bahamas over our winter break. We visited a beautiful place towards the north end of the island called Queen’s Bath, a formation that has been carved out thousands of years that has […]

  • Tips for Managing a 1:1 Classroom

    As we gear up to start a new year, your district may have new devices for your classrooms. Maybe you have new carts of devices, a classroom set of devices, or maybe your district went fully 1:1 with devices. If you have carts, you have an out. You can’t use the cart all of the […]

  • Hosting and Running A Conference – A Reflection

      I had the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of professionals to bring an educational technology conference to our local corner of Michigan. This first-year event was planned in the beginning of March, leaving us just four and a half months to bring it all together. It was an experience was something that […]

  • PSEL (2015) – Operations and Management – Working on a Budget

    While I have been fortunate to gain significant experience in a few categories during my internship experience, I have had to work extremely hard to gain experience in other areas. One area, operations and management, is difficult to get into as someone who is new the district as well. My mentor, who, as one of […]

  • PSEL (2015) – Meaningful Family and Community Engagement – Family Code Night

    Meaningful Engagement of Families and Communities is an essential piece of any school success to be had. Having a transparent and open environment with stakeholders is an important piece to build the relations that need to be in place for a school to be successful. This reaches much deeper than a traditional community outreach event, […]

  • PSEL (2015) Reflection – Professional Capacity of School Personnel

    Working in a Michigan public school is a tremendous honor and a tremendous responsibility.  Each year, it seems more and more is being added to the plate of many Michigan educators. That is why, when I was tasked with developing professional development, I looked for ways that I could make it more fun and enjoyable. […]

  • PSEL (2015) Reflection – Mission, Vision, and Core Values

    Mission, Vision, and Core Values tend to serve as the foundation of most educational institutions. Much of what is done in schools tends to be focused on the mission, vision, and core values of the district. As a new employee to the district, I am able to gain much information from the mission, vision, and […]