Transitional Music in the Classroom

Talking with a new colleague earlier this week, he asked if there was an easy way to place sounds into a Google Slide. Specifically, he was looking for transitions to move from one topic to the next in the class. While Google Slides does not (yet?) support adding sounds to the slides, you can easily embed YouTube videos. So, I had an idea!

I decided to create and share on YouTube some classical music (no commercials) videos with a still image to help transitions in the classroom. If you need help putting these videos into Google Slides, check this out! These are totally available for you to use. Some examples of use could be working on one item, play a song to signal to students that it is time to bring attention back, the teacher has to make an announcement, or it is time to start cleaning up. All of the videos are around thirty seconds or shorter. This would be a huge help in a room that is more focused inquiry, project-based learning, or is more student centered.

Check out the playlist of seven videos. I will continue to add to them as I have time.

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