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  • Hacking Google Slides – METS VirtuRally Presentation

    I am on the steering committee of an amazing, grassroots organization in the state of Michigan. The Michigan Educational Technology Specialist (METS) Group is comprised of over 600 Technology Integration Specialists and technology using teachers. The group hosts three major events for members throughout the year. In the fall, the METS Group hosts a Fall […]

  • My First, Humble Attempt at a Hyperdoc

    Hyperdocs are gaining some popularity in education circles. It is my understanding that a group of teachers in California popularized the Hyperdoc in their classrooms and through the use of social media, it has spread. I have looked at many examples, but never seen one in practice in a K-12 room. When a teacher approached […]

  • A Google Slides Project with Sample Slides

    Recently, I was asked to come in and work with a teacher going over Google Slides techniques with the students. Her goal was for the students to start building something that they will be able to edit and add to as they move through her class, working in a digital portfolio sort of way, but […]

  • Technology Integration Conversations and Colonial Newspapers

    I had one of my teachers approach me this past week and describe a project that he has always loved to use in his classroom. He has had the students hand draw a newspaper with pictures and news stories leading up to the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. He wanted to find a […]

  • #ETCoaches Blog Challenge #3 – Tools and Tricks

    I love my job. It is challenging but rewarding. It is different every day. It is something that continues to evolve. I really love my job. There are things that I use and do to make some aspects of my job more manageable. For starters, I have recently started using MailChimp to email out weekly […]

  • Transitional Music in the Classroom

    Talking with a new colleague earlier this week, he asked if there was an easy way to place sounds into a Google Slide. Specifically, he was looking for transitions to move from one topic to the next in the class. While Google Slides does not (yet?) support adding sounds to the slides, you can easily […]