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  • Practice What You Preach

    When I was in the classroom, plagiarism was a big topic. I would always encourage my students to cite their sources. One brave student challenged me and asked where my citations were on my work that I shared. This caught me off guard. I had never thought it about like that. It changed the way […]

  • Trending Forward

    About two years ago, I switched hosting providers with the goal to have everything back up and running within in a month. Then, COVID-19 came and my personal blog site fell to the wayside. Exactly two years to the day of everything starting to shutdown and hurrying home from the annual MACUL Conference with 4,000 […]

  • Finding Relevancy

    Fostering relationships is key to working with students. I do not think many people would debate that. The next part is finding engagement and relevancy. Engagement is one of the hardest things to measure in all education. Students can look engaged and not be engaged in anything but their own thoughts. The key is to […]

  • Coach out of Water? The Feeling of Inadequacy of Coaching and Not Having a Classroom

    As an EdTech Coach, I have a unique role within the school. Especially at the beginning¬†of the year as we roll out devices and ensure that all students are set and ready to go. One colleague this week summed my role up as the “catch all of all things tech.” While my job is specifically […]

  • The Four Cs and the Need for EdTech

    This post matches content that I wrote and posted for a conference that is happening this summer. You can see the original post on the Lake Michigan Tech Conference website here.  The world is rapidly evolving. Our economy is changing. We are preparing our students for jobs that do not yet exist. As educators, we […]

  • Project-Based Learning Professional Development Reflections

    On February 10th, we had Magnify Learning come to our school and lead a professional development seminar on Project-Based Learning essentials and tips. This is the reflection on that day of professional learning.¬† Project-Based Learning PD Reflection Wow! What a day of learning about Project Based Learning! Regardless of your level of experience with Project […]