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It’s been a little while since my last post. I have been extremely busy. Between ISTE and hosting the Lake Michigan Tech Conference, much has been happening. Much has been happening in my local district as well. Change is an inevitable part of the educational process, in fact, we hope for change from day one with our students to the end of the year, and not just on the standardized tests. We strive to make changes with every student we encounter. In my role, I hope to make changes in all of the teachers that I encounter in my work.

Change in Neon Light
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That doesn’t make change easier.

Change is coming to my district. People that hired me, that I worked closely with, and that I greatly respect are leaving. My superintendent has accepted a different position. His last day is that end of the month. My tech director is retiring to be with his family. His last day is at the end of the month. With the shifts, we have seen a principal and a handful of teachers look elsewhere and accept the respective positions that they have been offered. Not only will the student faces change in the hallways next fall, so will our staff’s.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Change is a goal. Our next technology director is amazing. He has a strong curricular background. He also has served as a technology coach like myself. The opportunities are endless on what can happen. I know that I am expecting to be pushed in my role like never before, to make stronger connections to curriculum and innovation while not losing sight of pedagogy. It will provide me with even more leadership opportunities.

But it doesn’t make the change any easier.

The superintendent search is underway. There are rumors flying around about who might take it, but the board is still evaluating applicants to set up interviews. While I was a big fan of the outgoing superintendent, as he created my position and began the 1-1 device initiative, change can also be a good thing in the superintendent role. It is my hope that we continue aspects of our efforts while continuing to do what is best for our students while not overburdening our staff. Change is coming. How much remains to be seen. But change is coming.

Uncertainty does not make change any easier.

do something great
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Even with all of this change, and the difficulty that comes with it, I am looking forward to this year the most. With the change, there is an opportunity for continued growth and more support for teachers that are impacting our students. The change gives us all the opportunity to have a say, add our input, and try to do what we know is best for our students. This change provides us with the ability and chance to make our own changes to inspire the growth that we look for in all of our students. As we embark on this school year, change is the theme. Change is the goal. Change is happening. And it won’t be easy. So, do something great.

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