Introductions – #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Post #1

Well, I think I am a little slow on the draw for the #ETCoachesBlogChallenge, but here is my site. I do not have a very clever name like many of you, just using my name.

This site started while I was a classroom teacher and served as a quasi-learning management system for my students. I was always afraid to blog and share my thoughts, but more recently have found a way some pride in my online voice. I started blogging in while in college but was never focused on what I was writing and never saved those posts. The current form of my website was launched in the fall of 2015 and revamped early in the winter of 2016. My current focus is lacking, but I like to take the time and share something that I have read, come across, or created. I want to continue to develop the blog and the focus and hope that the #ETCoachesBlogChallenge will help in my finding my online voice and purpose. I am probably most excited to continue to grow my Professional Learning Network!

My name is Daniel Mares. I am entering my 7th year in education and my second year (first full time!) as an Instructional Technology Coach. I just started a new job this past fall in Southwest Michigan with Coloma Community Schools. I am beyond excited to be in place to support Coloma’s 1-1 initiative with Chromebooks. I have found the teachers to be excellent and see the value in using the technology in their classrooms. I personally am a strong believer in Google Apps for Education and am a huge fan of Chromebooks in education. I find that they are excellent tools to complete the job and continue to get better as the web begins to increase. I guess you could say that my expertise is Google Apps for Education and my focus, professionally, is helping to utilize the features of Google Apps for Education in the classroom.

I am looking forward to connecting with everyone through this challenge!

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  1. Hi Daniel. I spent the first half of my life in Western Michigan, Cedar Springs if you’ve ever heard of it. Nice to “meet” a fellow Michigander!

    I like the clean interface of your blog. I was mentioning to another #ETCoaches blogger – I’ve got to work the ole Twitter feed into my blog eventually – your’s looks good.

    I admire how you are letting your blog take shape, you are not trying to force the focus, but let it come to you. Thinking back just 7 years ago when you started teaching, Instructional Tech Coaches were not as prominent and now look how many of us there are. You will have an excellent record of the evolution of you as an educator in this blog!

    • I know Cedar Springs! My grandparents live east of Big Rapids and my in-laws are from just south of Grand Rapids. I have passed through Cedar Springs many times! I usually get gas at the Speedway there!

      Thank you for the compliments on the blog. I have redesigned it many times and played with the colors and everything else, but I really think I have found a good one in the current design. I love WordPress for the reason that I get to play. I wish I had more time to blog, but I am completing my Masters’ and that takes much of my free time!

      Thank you for the comments. They are appreciated!

  2. Congratulations on the full-time position, although it probably doesn’t feel like you have any more time than when you were splitting your schedule. Welcome to the challenge and I’m glad you found the #ETCoaches PLN are are connecting and learning with our members.

    • Thank you! I am excited and as a native Michigander I am beyond excited to be working back in my home state, although I never moved out and commuted. The #ETCoaches PLN is awesome and I enjoy the time that I am able to put towards building my PLN.

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