#ETCoaches Blog Challenge Post #2 – Perspective Is My Key!

The #ETCoaches Blog Challenge is a lot of fun. I truly appreciate the encouragement from the community as we are growing. I am very sorry about being late for the second week in a role! I am going to try to be on time for the third one! I started a new job this fall and I am trying to get caught up and learn on the fly, taking much of my time.

Perspective is what will make or break my year in this new role.

One of the most important things that I will have to focus on this year is perspective and attitude. If things go sour, I can’t go sour. I need to find the perspective to see things in a positive light and help others see those items as well.

For everything that I do this year, I will have to keep everything in perspective. I was hired in to help the teachers grow using technology and I am new to the district. I have little history and am learning the area and the culture. I must keep a positive mindset and help others find the positivity in what they are doing. While this has not always been my strongest suit, it is something that I have made significant strides to in the last few years. It is essential that I focus on helping to find the positive as we fully roll out the 1-1 initiative.

With this idea of perspective, one area of improvement I need to have is in my patience. I am an incredibly patient person, but with some educational practices, I want to see rapid growth in teachers to provide students with better learning opportunities and a meaningful school experience. Sometimes, keeping in mind perspective, I will need to become a better communicator with the staff. I have struggled with being to blunt with people before, but must watch myself as we move forward to ensure that I am building positive relationships and helping the staff and students around me.

One of the upsides of being new to a district and the first employee in a role for the district is that I will be able to challenge some of the things that have always been done a certain way. It is important that the staff that I support start to make strides to the make the most meaningful use of technology and I am the one to get them there. I have no history with them. I am fresh eyes. If given the opportunity to see and discuss, I can likely have an impact on changing the current levels of thinking. I am focused on being supportive but also altering the status quo. If we are to make strides in education and to improve outcomes for all stakeholders, I am the one that will be able to help.

Of course, all of the above can also be a downside. I am fighting a current of “we’ve always done it this way” and “you don’t understand our students.” The biggest challenge of the whole thing is keeping that positive attitude to ensure that I am the agent of change that I hope to be. Perspective is what will make or break my efforts in this new role. Positivity is key!

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