Why is Technology in Education So Important? Why do this?

I wanted to stress the importance of technology in education. I think that as the global economy continues to grow forward, technology is going to continue to be the piece that shrinks the world into a single manageable economy. Our students will need the technology skills to be successful in the economy of the future. We cannot continue providing an education that we receive or use the same techniques that have been used for over 100 years. It is time to create a shift in education.

I have watched three-year olds navigate iPads successfully, but have seen college students that type with one finger. We must be sure that we are preparing our students for the world in which they will live in, not the one that we grew up in or that our parents lived in.

I have provided you with this video, which, admittedly, is outdated. It provides some statistics and ideas about the new economy as we continue to shift. Give it the five minutes that is required and watch it through. Think about what it is saying.