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  • The Gold Standard of Project-based Learning

    Project-based Learning is awesome for students, but only if we truly understand what it is. Here is the Buck Institute for Education’s “Gold Standard” of Project-based Learning and how it can be used in the classroom.

  • What Project-based Learning is and Is Not

    Project-based Learning is a big part of my educational background. I remember my government and law classes in high school being heavily influenced by the Project-based Learning methodology, as my instructor allowed all students to have a say and control their own path. It was fascinating and likely one of the reasons that I am…

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Project-Based Learning

    Recently, I have had the opportunity to share information at my school about what and how project-based learning is used in the classroom. I put together this infographic helping to explain some of the the “nuts and bolts” of Project-based Learning.