Digital Citizenship Week Day 2

This post was originally commissioned for the Career Academy Blog for the Digital Citizenship Week celebration that we had. You can read the original post here.

Digital Citizenship Presentation DayDCW-Mares

As part of the ongoing events for Digital Citizenship Week, we had the opportunity to discuss digital citizenship with the students at Career Academy! We started the meeting discussing the fact that this is the first generation of students that makes digital mistakes. When I was growing, my mistakes were analog. They were easily contained.They didn’t last forever. We wanted to make sure that the students realize the impact of the decisions that they make online. While mistakes may have happened, they can start to remedy them now. Paint themselves in a positive light and protect their individual and family brand. We have encouraged our students to THINK before they post and to be SUPER.

Officer Ross also joined us to talk about the legal ramifications of social media. Officer Ross illustrated this with examples of people that have posted inappropriate items on social media. Officer Ross also discussed more subtle aspects of social media posts, the civil ramifications. Posting to social media can soil people’s character, and they have a right to sue. There have been cases of cyberbullying that have gone to civil trials and costs families and students lots of money.

Mrs. Jagger then finished the presentation talking about the end of the marking period and parent-teacher conferences. She encouraged the students to take control on their education and their learning, much like they need to take charge of their brand.

The purpose was not to scare or intimidate students into not using social media, but was to illustrate how social media should be used responsibly. Social media, and the Internet in general, can be used for an incredible amount of good. The goal is to educate and discuss with the students how to appropriately use the internet and the appropriately communicate over the web. A lot of good can come from the internet, we must be up to the task of continuing the conversation amongst ourselves and with our students and children to bring the good out.

To view the slideshow that was presented to our students today, please click the link below: